Belly, Bottom, & Back Mom's Exercise Class

A 6 Week Exercise Class For New (and not new) Moms! Live Stream, plus recording for your home use.

Tuesdays, June 16-July 21 8-9:00 PM EST


(this series will be offered several times a year)

  • Core and Pelvic Floor Coordination Exercise
  • Abdominal, Hip and Spine, and Shoulder Exercise
  • Easy tips to re-connect and re-coordinate after baby
  • Tips and Exercises to increase your confidence for whatever fitness program and activities you ENJOY

Fun Classes to Build, Re-connect, and to Answer your questions.

Live Stream Classes, with a recording so you can continue with the exercises on your own. Build Strength, Coordination, and Mobility.  


You are not alone in your questions about diastasis, incontinence and leakage, and regaining strength and energy after having a baby(s)! Livestream classes are a fun way to ask and to learn, to laugh together, and to participate AT YOUR OWN LEVEL!

This Class is For ALL Moms! All Fitness Levels! No Exercise Experience Required!

You don't need any experience in Yoga or Fitness Classes! Simply bring your desire to learn new ways to be stronger, to be mobile, and to re-connect your body after baby! We do suggest that new moms be at least 6 weeks postpartum. Ask us if you have questions!

I'm Ready !

THE Embody Core and Floor PHILOSOPHY

We believe that exercise and fitness should be about YOU and help you meet your goals.

We believe in building fitness programs that are fun and help you grow, regain strength and mobility, and have confidence in your body after 1, 2, 3, or more babies!

Simply put, we believe in giving you the tools to live with confidence in your body!

Mobility & Balance Exercises

Strength and Core 101

All exercises will have modifications. And because we are livestreamed, questions are encouraged! .

Equipment needs:


Exercise bands and light weights are great but NOT Required

An exercise or yoga mat.

Community You're never alone in your Motherhood Journey! We want to answer as many questions as possible (NOTE: this IS a class, and not meant to substitute for individual treatment. If you have questions about the class and your needs, please ask! We are here to help!)