Exploring Change Through Breath, Balance, Mobility, and Strength

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Just this Breath. Just this Moment. 

The EmbodyPhysioYoga Experience

Therpeutic Yoga Classes and Individual Sessions allow you to explore and to reconnect to your breath, strength, balance, and mobility. Create Change with Confidence. 

Strength & Mobility Benefits Our yoga classes are designed to benefit your body in ways that will help you move better every day.

Balance Body & Mind Escape from your work week or day and rediscover a sense of wholeness in these classes.

Choices For All Ages and Needs Choose from classes or ask about individual Yoga Sessions to better meet your needs and goals. Our classes are safe for those with Bone Health, Pelvic Floor, and Arthritis Concerns. .

Supportive Community You are not alone in your concerns about your body, and wanting to create ability and confidence. Our classes are fun, and we support one another. .

Class Prices : 10 Class Package $120 5 Class Package $75.00 ...................... Drop In Price $18.00 Purchase Class Pass at PayPal Link below. ALL Classes Now Livestreamed. Class Links emailed to Package holders.

Weekly Class Passes Now Available. Valid for any classes during the week. Class Links will be emailed to you after purchase. All Classes Live Streamed. Purchase Weekly Pass at link below.

Our Classes 

Choose from Classes or Individual Sessions to meet your needs and goals. 


Individual Sessions

Whether because of special needs or concerns, because you prefer to work individually, or because of specific goals, working one to one helps you develop strength, mobility, and balance for YOU (Handstands? If that is YOUR goal, let's create it! )

We are currently providing all individual sessions by Telehealth.

Contact rebecca@embody-pt.com for more information.

EmbodyPhysioYoga Classes

These classes are foundational. We build, create change, and add balance into your day through breath, strength and stability, mobility, and balance....and fun!

Appropriate for all. NO experience is needed. 

Mondays 6:30-7:45 PM

Wednesday 9-10:15 AM

Thursday 11AM-12:15


Prenatal Yoga  

Your body goes through incredible changes during and after pregnancy. These classes are for mom-to-be as well as new (and not new) moms. Join us for classes to meet your pelvic floor, core, spine and hip, and breath and energy needs.

Tuesdays, 6:30-7:45 PM

Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements.

- Amit Ray -

About EmbodyPhysiotherapy

Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness was founded in 2014 by Rebecca Meehan and Susan Clinton, Physical Therapists and friends with a passion for offering people the ability to create change in their health, wellness, and function in ways that work best for them and in an integrative way. In 2015 Rebecca embarked on the journey to take her yoga practice to the next step, receiveing her certification in Medical Therapeutic Yoga in 2018. Today, she combines Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga to help her clients and patients meet their needs in an integrative and whole body-mind fashion.

Today, Embody Physiotherapy offers yoga classes, workshops, Wellness and Wellness Coaching, and Specialzied Physical Therapy. 

Reviews from Our Community 

“I started physical therapy at Embody as my last resort. I had seen multiple physical therapists in the past and each one discharged me or punted me back to a physician because they could not help me. I was just tired and frustrated since I had been dealing with these things for years. I wanted answers and to be able to sit for over an hour and a half without pain and ultimately to get back to my passion: running"

Can we combine yoga and PT for function? YES!!

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A Case Study Supporting Medical Therapeutic Yoga for Geriatric Rehabilitation and Wellness Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) improves quality of life in older adults, even after many years and habits of leading a more sedentary lifestyle. Rebecca recently presented a case study, which we highlight below, in. The case study reveiws changes in height, weight, pain and function.

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“Because I wanted to build on improvements I was experiencing in physiotherapy, I started taking the Movement and Yoga Fundamentals classes several months ago. They are fun, affordable, and expertly conducted. I’ve experienced much improvement in flexibility. I would recommend these classes to all ages and mobility levels! "  


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